XiVA music store - The new and unique way to discover and purchase music

XiVA music store – The ultimate evolution of music purchasing

New from XiVA – available exclusively for Imerge entertainment products

Gone are the days of queuing in a record store to preview an album at a listening station; gone are the days of hunching over a PC to listen to track previews through inadequate speakers; the XiVA music store is the most unique way to discover and purchase new music.

Over 19 million tracks

Completely integrated with your existing Imerge music library, you will be able to search for any currently selected or playing album or artist. Over 19 million tracks are available for browse, preview & download, covering music across all major labels and most independents with purchasing on a track or album basis.

XiVA music store – exclusive to Imerge

The XiVA music store is available exclusively for the Imerge MS1, MS1-HD, MS1-3D and S4000 Entertainment Systems.